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1.The umbrella-stand

2.Chilli chutney


4.The coconut shy

5.2 October 1936

6.Sarah Montague


8.Stanley Baldwin

9.Banished by the Storm

10. Less (8+3 =11; 18-11 =7; x 2 = 14.  And there are 16 chapters!)



The Treasure in the Tower Quiz

Could YOU solve Dr Pyrite’s riddles and find the treasure?  Prove your skills by completing The Treasure in the Tower trivia quiz...

1. How many people could the coach carry in Chapter One?

2. What was in Thomas’s sandwiches in Market Chapton?

3. Where did Jess hide from Miss Tillotson in the motor museum?

4. Where was the treasure in Jess’s dream in Chapter Four?

5. What kind of animals walked into the waiting room in Ken’s story in Chapter Five?

6. Two games were played in the hostel’s common room. One was ping-pong.  What was the other?

7. Which of the places visited by the treasure-hunters could not be seen from the city walls in Chapter Seven?

8. How many miles from the city was the castle?

9. The last Baron discovered a moon orbiting which planet?

10. What was the cellar used for in the Second World War?


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers!  Then check your rating:

10 = First to the top of the tower

7-9 = You found the secret door

5-6 = Jess might still have you on her team

4 or less = You fell down



The Coming of the Spirits Quiz

Have you the skills to become a Grand Defender?  Prove it, by completing The Coming of the Spirits trivia quiz...

1.What did Will suggest cooking on the camp-fire at the end of Chapter One?

2.What was the name of the small boy healed by Henry?

3.What had Luke been doing at the Priory before the Warlock arrived?

4.What did CDC stand for?

5.Where was the resistance hideout located within the apartment block?

6.What did Mandeep cook for Ellie?

7.Apart from money, what did Ellie give Leon in exchange for the brooch? (4 items for one point!)  

8.And who then squeezed the brooch?!

9.What did Das Zentrum mean in English?

10.Take Ellie’s age at the start of the book.  Add the number of friends sent at the start to help Ellie.  Then subtract the number of the till Ellie worked on.  Is this more or less than the number of chapters in the book?


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers!  Then check your rating:


10 = Legend

7-9 = A folk hero

5-6 = You might be sent to assist the Grand Defender

4 or less =You’re the one still listening to the stories


My Favourite People activities

A fun activity sheet to go with My Favourite People. Click here...


The Yuletide Spirit

Ellie meets Luke for the first time in this FREE Christmas story set between The Sword of the Spirit and High Spirits.  She's determined to go to Charlie's Christmas party - but something strange is happening when his friends start to disappear... Click here to download (PDF format).  Enjoy!


High Spirits Quiz

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a Viewpoint agent and hunt ghosts?  Then follow Ellie and take their induction test...

1.What did Clara Harvey kick over during the family argument?

2.What was in the jar dropped by a visitor to the Priory?

3.How much money did Dad give Ellie?

4.What did Ellie and Luke first visit at the fairground?

5.On what date did Ellie arrive in the 1930s?

6.What was the name of Clara’s friend who couldn’t make it to dinner?

7.What was the name of the Harveys’ butler, mentioned in Chapter Nine?

8.Who was Prime Minister at the time of Ellie’s visit to the 1930s?

9.What film was being made on Stage One at Great British?

10. Add together the number of decades travelled by Ellie to reach 1936, and the number of stages at Great British.  Then subtract this total from Luke’s age.  Multiply by two.  Is this more or less than the number of chapters in the book?


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers!  Then check your rating:


10 = The Viewpoint woman had better look out for her job

7-9 = Viewpoint Agent, Class One

5-6 = Trainee agent

4 or less = You need to do the induction course again


The Spirit of the Season

Find out what happened to Francis and Anselm one medieval Christmas in this FREE short story spinoff from The Sword of the Spirit! Click here to download (PDF format). Enjoy!


The Sword of the Spirit activities

Have you encountered the medieval ghosts in my new novel?  Then seek knighthood by playing The Sword of the Spirit trivia quiz...


1.What was the name of the town near the castle where the Earl was now living?

2.Apart from cooking and running the tearoom, what was Tina’s other job at the castle?

3.What year did Sir Francis come from?

4.How many people were at the planning meeting for the fayre in Chapter Five?

5.Who was the leader of the archaeologists at the castle?

6.Where did Ellie meet Henry and Edward at Stipley?

7.What colour was Ellie’s dress for the medieval fayre?

8.What was Sir Francis’s battle-cry?

9.And where might his battle-cry have come from? (Tricky one: you have to have read the earlier books in the Spirits series!)

10.  Think about: the books Ellie used to find out about the knights, the journey to Stipley and the purses the pickpocket stole.  What connects all of these?  (Apart from all being in the book!)


Look to the right of the page for the answers!  Then check your rating:


10 = Arise, Sir/Dame...

7-9 = An experienced squire

5-6 = A page-turner

4 or less = You’re cleaning out the stables 


Alternative and deleted scenes

Some bonus material for fans of my stories: some deleted scenes from Childish Spirits (including the Prologue cut from the final novel) and the alternative ending to The Alien in the Garage...



The Spirit of Christmas

As a special treat for Christmas 2015, read about Edward Fitzberranger's first encounter with the spirit world in this FREE short story!  


Click here to download (PDF format).  Enjoy!


The Spirit of London activities

Click here to read Ellie's secret diary after The Spirit of London - but watch out for ghostly activities! Click here to download the answers.


The Spirit of London quiz

Have you shivered at my new ghost story?  Then try The Spirit of London trivia quiz...


1.What was the number of Ellie’s family’s new flat?

2.What was Nigel’s job at the flats?  

3.What did Edward steal from the family’s food?

4.What two kinds of pie were served in 47’s tearoom during the book?

5.On Edward’s first trip to London, where did his uncle say they were going?

6.What were the names of James Meadowes’ children?

7.How much did Ellie’s cousin Robin pay for the film print?

8.What was Mrs Reynolds’ first name?

9.Where was the third clue hidden in the Great Journeyback Treasure Hunt?

10. Take the number of old ladies at the mansion in Ellie’s dream.  Add the number of judges at James’s trial.  Multiply this by three.  Then add the number of Auntie Maggie’s house.  Is this more or less than the number of chapters in the book?


See the right of the page for the answers!  Then check your Journeyback rating:


10 = Site Manager

7-9 = Senior Curator

5-6 = Suitable for volunteer training

4 or less = Just a visitor


Childish Spirits activities

Click here to help Ellie finish the children's guide to Inchwood Manor - but watch out for Edward's tricks!


Childish Spirits quiz

Have you read my ghost story?  Not spooked yet?  Then try the Childish Spirits trivia quiz...

1.What kind of trees surrounded Inchwood Manor?

2.What room inside the Manor was used for the Site Office?

3.Who was the first person Ellie texted after arriving at Inchwood?

4.What year was Inchwood Manor given to the Fitzberranger family?

5.What was the title of the magazine taken from the visitors by Edward?

6.What filling was in the sandwiches made by Ellie’s Mum for the lakeside picnic?

7.What creatures were Ellie’s biggest nightmare when she was six?

8.What fruit did Ellie’s Dad use for juggling?

9.What year did Edward help a young evacuee?  

10.What was Miss McKendrick’s first name?


See the right of the page for the answers!  Then check your rating:


10 = Scary!

7-9 = A “wraith” to the finish

5-6 = A spirited attempt

4 or less = Not a ghost of a chance


Oh Yes We Will

As a special present for Christmas 2014, Liam and Justin return in Oh Yes We Will!, a brand-new FREE short story exclusive to! Click here to download (PDF format).  Enjoy!


The Christmas Mystery

As a special present for Christmas 2013, Mia and her Dad return in The Christmas Mystery, a brand-new FREE short story exclusive to!  Click here to download (PDF format).  Enjoy!


The Dinner Club and Other Stories activities

The Dinner Club Menu - Click here to write your own menu for Aidan and Martin's Dinner Club!  


The Dinner Club and Other Stories quiz

Enjoyed my book?  Want to prove you’ve got Pupil Power?  Then take The Dinner Club and Other Stories trivia quiz...


1.In The Dinner Club, what kind of soup did Aidan and Martin prepare for Sherman?

2.In Whose Side Are You On?, how much did Alison pay for the clockwork butterfly?

3.In Full Time, what was the name of the town where Liam’s parents were going for their anniversary?

4.In The Craze, what was the name of Erin’s best friend?

5.In The Runaway Cake, where was Mrs Thomas’s daughter having her wedding reception?

6.In The Class of ’84, how many children apart from Peter attended the school reunion?

7.Apart from the title and introduction, how many words are there in The Magic Number?

8.In Lost in the Post, what computer game was a prize on the Tombola stall?

9.What was Justin’s present to Liam in hospital in The Patient?

10.In Pupil Power, how many Junior classes are there in the school?  


See the right of the page for the answers!  


Use the Dinner Club guide to check your rating:

10 = Today’s special     -     7-9 = Head of the table

5-6 = Not bad for starters     -     4 or less = Hard cheese


The (Fairly) Magic Show quiz

Enjoyed the book?  Want to prove your fabulous magic powers?  Then take The (Fairly) Magic Show trivia quiz...


Stuart thinks only a “real” magician like him is clever enough to get all ten questions right.  Prove him wrong...


1.In The (Fairly) Magic Show, what was the card that Stuart really chose?

2.In The School V.I.P. what musical instrument did Rachel learn to play?

3.In Spot the Difference, where was Tim going with his family that evening?

4.In Snowed In, what was Liam’s act in the talent show?

5.In The New Pupil, what was the name of Miranda’s class teacher?

6.In Skip It! what kind of soup was Glenda preparing for Oliver?

7.In Only A Story, where was the Children’s Library moving to?

8.In Christmas Shopping, what was Liam’s present for his Mum?

9.In My World, what kind of ice cream did Lucy have?

10.Take the number of birthday cakes Molly had.  Add the number of impressions Justin did.  Then multiply by the total number of people Liam and Justin were buying Christmas presents for (not counting Liam himself!).  Finally, follow the alien’s secret instruction below (see below for the code!).



What’s the answer?


See the right of the page for the answers!


The (Fairly) Magic Show activities

The (Fairly) Magic Show Wordsearch.

Click here to download a wordsearch based on my stories.

Click here to download the answers!


My World

Click here to create your own imaginary world, like Lucy in the story...


Snowed In

Imagine you've been snowed in, like Liam and Justin in the story.  What are you going to do...?  Click here to find out!


The (Fairly) Magic Show and Other Stories

On 1 November 2012, publication date has arrived for The (Fairly) Magic Show and Other Stories!  As the book launches, is proud to welcome our special guests to perform the opening ceremony for the eBook, entirely online.


Ladies, gentlemen, children and aliens from outer space, please put your hands and antennae together to welcome...





Liam:Cheers, everyone.  Hello and welcome to the launch of The (Fairly) Magic Show eBook!   My name’s Liam, and I’m going to say a few words.  This is my best mate Justin, and he isn’t going to say anything.  


Liam:I’m proud, honoured and just a bit chuffed to have been asked to open this eBook, what’s going to do good stuff for kids’ literacy, like, everywhere.


Liam:After the ceremony, you’re all asked back to the homepage for cakes and squash, courtesy of Justin’s Mum.   Unfortunately, they’re virtual too, so you won’t be able to eat or drink ‘em.  But at least you can think of me enjoying ‘em, and that’s just as good really.  Love the Internet.

Justin: Why can’t I speak?

Liam:‘Scuse me.  You what?

Justin: Why can’t I speak?

Liam:Because you always make us look daft.  I don’t need you to make me look a twit.


Liam:(long pause) I would like to thank Rob Keeley for writing down our adventures, and for showing the world how cool I am. (pause) J, what are you doing?  Hey, no!  Don’t open it!  Leave that e-reader alone!

Justin:Reading the book.  Cool cover.  Hey, there’s three whole stories before they get to us.  Good, though.

Liam:Justin, we’re supposed to be opening that!

Justin:I have opened it.

Liam:I was just gonna open it!

Justin:Well.  Saved you the bother.

Liam:How can I open something when it’s already been opened?  Ah, look, you’ve broken the ribbon I tied round it.  That was best gold paper ribbon from the corner shop.  I was going to cut it with these virtual safety scissors.  

Justin:Well, I’ll shut the book again.  There.

Liam:That’s no good, is it?  What am I meant to do?  Do a closing ceremony, then another opening?  You’ve done it again, haven’t you?  (tuts)  Ladies and gentlemen, I was gonna tell you about the eBook, but my friend here seems to have beaten me to it.  

Justin:It’s too good to wait.

Liam:So I now declare this eBook well and truly...opened.

(cheers and applause)

Liam:Right, that’s the important bit done.  Time for snacks. (pause)  Justin.  Where’s my butterfly cake?  I left it there.

Justin:Yours?  (burps)  Sorry.

Liam: The only one with three wings.  I wanted that.

Justin:Well, there’s custard creams left.

Liam: I don’t like custard creams.

Justin:The alien does.

Liam:That was the first book, you twit!

Justin:It’s still out.



L and J.


The Alien in the Garage activities

Make Your Own Secret!

Read The Secret?  Want to know what the secret was?  Why not try making up one of your own?  Click here to download your very own secret-maker!


The Alien in the Garage Wordsearch

Click here to download a wordsearch based on my stories.

Click here to download the answers!


The Alien Reports!

Click here to help the alien write a report on our planet.


Dear Diary

Click here to read exclusive diary extracts from the characters in The Alien in the Garage – and to write a diary of your own adventures.  (See right for answers.)  


The Alien in the Garage quiz

Read my book?  Want to show you have supernormal alien intelligence?  Take the Alien in the Garage’s trivia quiz!  


1.   In The Alien in the Garage, how many pairs of feet did

      the alien have?

2.   In The Secret, who was the teacher who was getting


3.   Where was Liam’s birthday party held in The Battle of

      the Bulge?

4.   What was the final score when Liam’s team played Oak

      Class at five-a-side football in Homework?

5.   What was the name of the TV soap Amy was watching at

      the start of Remote Control?

6.   What club did Adam go to on Wednesday nights in Swap


7.   Where does Justin’s Dad come from, according to


8.   In what country was Lauren holidaying in Wish I Was


9.   What game did Jack and his friends play to pass the

      time in The Tent?

10. Take the number of legs the Alien in the Garage had.  

      Add the number of red counters in Justin’s bag.  Add the

      number of friends Emma bought chocolates for in Wish I      

      Was There.  Now take away the number of campers in

     The Tent. What is the answer?


See the right of the page for the answers!

A secret message from the alien

The Alien in the Garage has been communicating with this website and has left a message scattered across my webpages.  Unfortunately, it’s in code.  Fortunately, I speak fluent alien and I understand the code he’s using.


There are five words hidden across the site, which have to be found, decoded and put together in the right order to make up the alien’s secret message.  The code the Alien is using can be downloaded here.


When put together, the five words will look like this (one line = one letter):


__ __ __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ __ __ /__ __ __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __


Have fun!  And remember.  You’re talking to outer space.



2.Staff Safety Representative


4.6  (Marcus, Laurence, Sir Francis, Mum, Charlie, Ellie)

5.Dr Guinevere Strong

6.The summer house

7.Pale blue


9.The Fitzberranger family motto: Veritas vos liberabit (“The truth will set you free”).  From Childish Spirits

10. There were two of them – two books, two hours’ journey, two purses.

The Sword of the Spirit quiz


The Spirit of London quiz



2.Property Supervisor (not porter!)  

3.A bag of sugar

4.Steak and kidney pie (Chapter Three) and chicken and ham pie (Chapter Ten)

5.Westminster Abbey

6.Celia and Gilbert



9.Gill’s Point

10. More (2 + 3 = 5 x 3= 15 + 4 =19.  And there are 17 chapters in the book!)  

Children's Guide answers

1. D

2. E

3. A

4. F

5. B

6. C

Childish Spirits quiz answers

1.Chestnut trees

2.The housekeeper’s room

3.Her Dad

4.1586 (which would have been during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign)

5.Historic Houses Weekly

6.(Tinned) salmon





The Dinner Club quiz answers




3.Wixton Bay


5.The Limes


7.49 (seven stories in seven words, 7 x 7)




The (Fairly) Magic Show quiz



1.The Ten of Hearts

2.The cello

3.The cinema


5.Miss Havers


7.Sansford Central

8.An egg whisk


10. 5 (2 + 3 = 5 x 7 = 35 – 30 = 5!)  


The Alien in the Garage quiz




2.Miss Boyd

3.World of Go-Cart







10.16  (8+8+3-3)

Dear Diary answers

The characters are Adam, Nicholas, Jack, Justin, Amy, Jamie, the narrator of The Secret (we don’t know his (or her) name!).  

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highspirits MFP cover - FINAL egg



3.Mowing a lawn

4.Community Defence Corps

5.In the cellar/basement


7.Phone, pen, perfume bottle, watch


9.The Centre

10. Less (14 + 6 - 2 = 18, and there are 20 chapters)

The Coming of the Spirits quiz



2.Cheese and pickle

3.Behind a petrol pump

4.At the bottom of a swimming pool



7.The World of David Kinnet



10. An air-raid shelter


The Treasure in the Tower quiz