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The Alien in the Garage and Other Stories

Neil’s little brother is driving him mad.  There can’t really be an alien living in the garage... can there?


Everyone makes fun of Nicholas – until he brings a mysterious object to school...


Amy hates her Mum’s new boyfriend – but has a chance to get her own back when the TV remote develops strange powers...


Luke is bored.  Adam has too much to do.  Until they decide to swap lives...


Everyone’s going somewhere nice for their holidays... except Emma, who has to use all her cunning when she tells her friends she’s going to Spain...


A camping trip takes a spooky turn when a ghost story seems to be coming true...


. . .


All of these tales can be found in this funny and sometimes scary collection of stories.  In this book and this book alone, you can find out whether Liam and Justin would eat earwigs, why aliens like custard creams, and just what was the sinister creature lurking outside the tent...  


My stories will appeal equally to boys and girls aged 8-12, and convey their world in a way they will  recognise – whether depicting families’ relationships with their children, the pressures children face today, or the way young people interact with one another.  There are tales in the first and third person, character- as well as plot-driven pieces, and some enjoyable games played with the reader’s expectations.  This is a reading experience no child - or parent - should miss.


"They're fun to read, they're full of jokes and irony... each one comes with a sucker punch attached. What more could you want? A super collection... Bookbag enjoyed them immensely"


'I enjoyed this book of random short stories. It is good to have a collection where the stories are not all the same so I could pick them depending on my mood. Some of them had a moral while others were just for fun. I liked the characters and would recommend the book to children under twelve.'

Amelia, Young Reader


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The Alien in the Garage read by

Laura Darrall.