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“Nazis alone were dangerous enough, but Nazis with the powers of ghosts... of evil spirits...”


Britain. The present day. The world we know. Ruled by the Nazis.


Victorian England. Edward Fitzberranger is soon to become ill and die. But could there be another way?


The Middle Ages. Sir Francis Fitzberranger is about to marry... but finds himself shifted in time.


The barrier into the spirit world is finally breaking down and no one in the mortal world is safe. History must be set back on course and prophecies fulfilled. The Grand Defender is needed.


As Ellie works with an underground resistance movement and with the spirit world too, she is about to discover her true destiny...



. . .



'Read on, for a hundred and fifty pages of glorious, non-stop action. If you have been reading this series, you'll finally discover how everything and everyone fits together. If you haven't, you really must...

Highly satisfying conclusion to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable ghostly series by Rob Keeley.'

- Jill Murphy, The Bookbag


“Here we have a novel with a rapid pace, a dollop of humour and a time slip... Good fun, many twists and turns, and with excellent period and political detail.” 

- Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award judges.


'You end up becoming fully invested in the character of Ellie as she faces challenging decisions, and I have to admit that I may have even shed a tear with certain events in this book! I loved the mix of jumping back to various timelines, with Ellie dealing with her own personal issues with her family and the scary prospect of ageing two years every night!!


...There's so much for children to learn and take from this series in general, and it's a perfect book for parents to enjoy with them...


I've thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Ellie, her family and all the characters that became her friends over the years!'

- Karen Mace, blogger


'The whole series has been a joy to read and now that they are all released you have no excuse not to read them all back to back! They are stories which show a tough female protagonist who is courageous and humorous, mixed in with a wonderful cast of ghosts who all have their own unique personalities.'

- Whispering Stories blog.


The Coming of the Spirits

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