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The Dinner Club and Other Stories

Being on home dinners gives Aidan the chance to make some money...


A bridesmaid and a page chase a runaway wedding cake...


Mia and her Dad turn detective...

. . .


These are just some of the tales in my new collection.  You can also read about the strange new craze started by Erin, the mystery guest at the school reunion, and more from Liam and Justin.  Plus, Beech Class find themselves in charge of the whole school for a day, as they give the teachers a taste of Pupil Power... There are even seven bonus stories of just seven words each!


Following the success of my first two books, I wanted to write a new collection of entertaining and rewarding stories for the 8-12 age range, with storytelling that continues to be relevant to children today.  I wanted to explore a wide range of themes and characterisations, depicting the modern world in a way that young people will recognise.  


The Dinner Club and Other Stories sees a slight shift away from the fantasy elements of previous books to a style of story more rooted in the here and now.  However, all the most popular characters and set-ups from the first two books are present here, along with many new characters and some innovative storylines.  


'It was nice to see Keeley try something a little bit different here. Instead of fantastical tales of the unexpected we've seen from him before, he's tapped into slices of real life in The Dinner Club and Other Stories. These realistic tales are just as much fun as the surreal ones and they reveal that everyday stuff contains just as rich a vein of humour as wild imagination. But it's not all newness. Familiar characters return to entertain readers, including my personal favourite duo, Liam and Justin. Those two never fail to make me laugh. Give The Dinner Club and Other Stories a try. You'll enjoy it. I promise.'

The Bookbag


"Charming, well written stories for middle readers, set in a contemporary world of school and friendships that will be familiar to most primary school children. These are realistic situations, and pleasing stories which entertain and amuse."

International Rubery Book Award





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Longlisted for the International Rubery Book Award!


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