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The (Fairly) Magic Show and Other Stories

Molly has just one day to become a magician...


There’s someone very special in Mrs Hoskins’ class. The question is – who?


A skipping rope holds the power of time travel...


. . .


These are just some of the tales in my second collection of funny, sometimes scary stories.  You can also encounter the school’s mysterious new pupil, watch the world’s worst talent show with Liam and Justin and discover the dark secrets at the heart of an imaginary world...  


My stories will continue to appeal to girls and boys aged 8-12.  This second collection again presents a mixture of fantasy and everyday life, depicting the modern world in a way that young people will recognise.  The (Fairly) Magic Show and Other Stories contains tales of other worlds, school stories and tales of family life, in a storytelling realm where nothing can be taken for granted and little is ever quite what it seems.  There are returning characters from The Alien in the Garage and Other Stories as well as many new characters from a wide range of social backgrounds.  


As with the first collection, this is a reading experience no child or adult should miss.  


"Once again, Rob Keeley has really hit the spot with a well-judged and entertaining anthology for middle readers."




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The (Fairly) Magic Show reviewed by Glebe Primary School

The (Fairly) Magic Show reviewed by Claire Lyons

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