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The Spirit of London

"The spirits were at work here, somehow.  But why?"


On returning to London, Ellie investigates the mystery surrounding 47 Foster Square.  Who is the sender of ghostly messages asking her for help?  What is the secret of the Meadowes family?  And what does Edward know about all this?


With her parents about to divorce, and her Mum acting very strangely, Ellie quickly discovers that a sinister force lies between her and the truth...


"I'm already looking forward to book two!" Jill Murphy, The Bookbag


Published 28 September 2015.

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'Much like the first novel in the Spirits series, the sequel is mysterious, engaging, slightly creepy, and all-around adorable.

There's a new house, new ghosts, a new mystery to solve. And Ellie is on the case...even if she'd rather not be.

I actually read this novel in one sitting because I was so engrossed...  Just as in the first novel, the characters are strong, the mystery intriguing, and the stakes high...

As for the future, it's anybody's guess, but that ending is one heck of a good way to make me want read the next book. What new adventures will Ellie face next? I can only imagine.'

- The Wood Between the Worlds blog


'Palpable, infectious excitement as the family from 'Childish Spirits' moves back to London. The endearing characters keep you waiting with bated breath as they pander on to their next eerie adventure.

Accurate setting descriptions, makes one visualise them for real...

British black history is skilfully woven into the story...

Cannot wait to see how the story unfolds.'

- Catherine Habbie, author.


'I loved the way the messages were delivered and the mystery of them. It had such a nice mixture of whimsical and exciting/dangerous vibes. Perfect for a middle-grade ghost story.

When Ellie starts to investigate more, she gets into more and more trouble. Her parents make everything worse with the divorce and how they decided to act...

The book gives us a glimpse into Georgian times, talks about the difficulties of a mixed-race family in that era and about slavery. I really appreciated seeing such topics in a middle-grade. Loved Sarah's character as well.

I really enjoyed listening to the first book and since it was Halloween time I almost immediately jumped into this sequel and I think I loved it even more...'

- Papertea & Bookflowers blog


'This is a great mystery children's book that is easy to get into and hard to stop! I enjoyed the vast change in setting from the rural [manor] to the busy city. Similar to the previous book, I also saw the clear plot escalation with a terrifying climax. I loved how the intensity and mystique increased so drastically throughout the book. The mind-controlling aspect was superb and it was really cool when reality blurred with the spirit world.  [I]t was skilfully written with great imagery.'

- Pages for Thoughts


'I loved the ghosts in this story, particularly the mystery of the antique vase, which I thought was very clever indeed! The dream sequences were fantastic too, described so vividly.

Once again Rob Keeley has written a wonderful children's ghost story and I can't wait to [get] stuck into the next book The Sword of the Spirit. I definitely recommend this one!'

- Secret Library Book Blog.


"This is an excellent sequel, and a flawless read.'"


"This is a great ghostly mystery story for children, giving a glimpse into Georgian times, slavery and the attitudes to mixed race families in that era. Although it is written with eight to twelve year olds in mind it is still thoroughly enjoyable for adults, too. I can think of many of my ex pupils to whom this book would really appeal. Although the main character is female, the nature of the story and action will also appeal to boys. I could also envisage teachers using it as a class reader or sharing excerpts as part of literacy lessons.


A story with well developed characters, an intriguing mystery to solve, danger and peril as well as ghosts, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this as a highly entertaining read for children and adults alike, a real page turner!"

Splashes Into Books


"A gripping, mysterious tale which is sure to get you hooked.  This evolves around Ellie who has moved from her gorgeous stately home into a grubby London flat.  But when her mum gets a new job and ghostly messages start appearing, could the spirits be at work?" Sophia, young reviewer at Linghams Books.


"There are a lot of things to like about The Spirit of London. It focuses on an under-explored aspect of London - slavery and black history, adding to the reader's knowledge and understanding. It has some genuinely creepy moments but it also has some great moments of slapstick to ease the tension. It’s an absorbing read but not an overly long one. And there really isn't anything to dislike. Recommended.' - Jill Murphy, The Bookbag


"Pulling issues of family separation, slavery and racism into the mix, this tale is an engaging ghost story for readers of nine and above, with a satisfying plot and clear written style...the scene where Edward apparently returns to life, and samples the delights of 21st century culture, is very entertaining." - Readers' Review


"A brilliant, exciting story filled with mystery, adventure and ghosts! It's action packed and well paced to engage younger readers. This is definitely my favourite book in the 'Spirits' series so far. Well recommended for older primary children and up, even some adults like myself. This series is well worth reading!" - Anna (BooksandBookends), via Goodreads





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