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The Sword of the Spirit

“There are truths which must be revealed before the battle may commence. You do not yet know the meaning of the sword.”


Ellie’s investigations into the spirit world have reached a medieval castle, where archaeologists are digging for the fabled Sword of St Merrell. But she didn’t expect to meet a real medieval knight. Nor was she expecting him to be an ancestor of Edward Fitzberranger.


Ellie discovers that behind a legend of chivalry and bravery lies a dark and nasty truth. And worse is to come. Ellie’s meddling has consequences she could never have foreseen. This time, she may have gone too far...


'The Sword of the Spirit' works both as a standalone novel and as part of a series. It will appeal to girls and boys of upper primary and lower secondary age – primarily 8-12 – and to parents and teachers reading the book aloud.


Published 28 July 2016

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"The Sword of the Spirit blends high adventure with the supernatural and includes a good dollop of realist drama... It's nicely balanced between shivers and high jinks and you get the odd joke too. The vocabulary is carefully chosen to stretch but never lose accessibility and the book will appeal to a wide range of readers from those emerging into confidence right up to the later stages of middle grades." - Jill Murphy, The Bookbag


"The series has just become even better and thrilling to read! The story is told with its usual good pace, action, supernatural elements and mystery. I really enjoyed the character development in this story with Ellie being forced to think about the consequences of her actions for the first time in the series...  This really set an excellent precedent for the next book in the series and personally, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!' - Anna (BooksandBookends), via Goodreads


'There are truths, lies, deception, secrets and delicious confusion that makes for a very entertaining book. It's impossible to get to the end of a chapter without wanting to see what happens next. The characters are well-drawn, especially Ellie. It takes a deft writer's hand to build a lengthy cast and keep control of who and what they are. I think The Sword of the Spirit is aimed at a young readership but take it from an old hand, it has appeal for all ages.


The book has pace, energy and a great sense of adventure and fun. Rob Keeley deserves a wide readership. His imagination is a thing to behold.' - Joe Cushnan, droppedthemoon blogspot.


'This series just keeps on getting even better! ... The story is well told, action packed and an intriguing read. There’s a touch of romance, wrongs righted and brilliant descriptions to bring all the interactions and events vividly to life in the reader’s imagination... As a teacher, I believe this story could be used in a wide variety of ways to improve the learning of pupils as well as for an individual, group or class reader ... I have no hesitation in highly recommending this fantastic children’s novel to everyone over seven years old.' - Splashes Into Books


'This book is the perfect read for children, and adults!, as it features so many interesting characters and is packed full of historical facts about life throughout the medieval period and this is all brought to life in a fun way. Ellie seems eager to learn more whenever she is confronted with something new and is also a great way of introducing children to different ways of researching things - not sure they'd all have their own friendly ghost to call on to help as Ellie does but it would be fun if they did! It was really easy to start imagining life how it was 800 years ago through Ellie's eyes and the character of Sir Francis as he tries to come to terms with life in the modern world!


This was a really enjoyable read which I'm looking forward to passing on to my nephew and niece...'

- Karen Mace, blogger


'...when the opportunity came up to review Rob Keeley's latest book I jumped at the chance... the story includes lots of mystery, discovery and some very nasty truths which keep you on edge throughout the whole book with a huge sense of adventures, I actually must admit I finished this book in just 2 days as I was eager to see what happened...'

Hannah Russell, author, entrepreneur and blogger


'The book is well thought out and superbly written, with a very clever plot. I loved the historical aspect, and the chemistry between Sir Francis Fitzberranger and Ellie, who takes everything in her stride. I particularly found the relationship between the past and the present interesting.


'The supernatural elements, mixed with the present create a suspenseful book, and you are just waiting for the drama to begin, and the two periods in time to clash.' -  Stacey,


It's a supernatural adventure full of historical facts, written in such a fun and interesting way that it appeals to children and adults alike!'

- Books and Me

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